Night, cold and alone,
I read our conversations

I look at our pictures, videos and even your voices that you sent

I laughed when remembering a jokes we make together

But I start to cry when you’re not here beside me right now

and maybe forever…




                         Photo by falyssum

Sometimes during the day,
Stars still appeared on the sky.

Until it meet a night,
and show the bright.

Just like me still hoping to shine,
Even my life bring me into the dark.

A text

Sometimes she look at him from a far,
And she know she had a feelings toward him,
But she never try to talk even reply his text.
Maybe she scared to love and be loved…

Some fine day,
She read back a text that he sent and asking a question,
“Haven’t sleep yet ?” 

That’s not a priority to know,
But she don’t know why she want to.

And the time past by…
She never think he will be the one of her favourite text in the morning.
She never think he will be the one she ever love the most.
And for the first time she felt so appreciate by man.

And she scared if she lose him because of a text from others…
Because they also start from a text.


p/s: I’m not post anything for nearly 2 months and now I have no idea what to write but this is just a warm up and I hope I’ll make my poetry better after this ♥ 

Run from my past

I still can’t get it out of my brain,
Whatever I am doing it will suddenly appear…
Maybe it will becomes my nightmare soon.
And yes… It will!!

I don’t know how to explain when everything heal one day.
Maybe I’ll leave…
I don’t want to answer any of them because I hate QUESTION !
They don’t understand me and even my situation.

But they said they want to help me.
They just want to care about me…
But the way they did were wrong.
It doesn’t help and I don’t want a sympathy.

I just need they to stop talk about my past!
I don’t want it ruin my future and also my life!
Because think about my past it will bring me to cry.
And yes!!! I’ll gonna start to cry…