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My life is going to change.

-Packaging stuff-

I’d tidy up my bookshelves and put all of the books and using stuff in the boxes.While chose what stuff to be take or throw I’d see something that make me remind of somebody and the memories suddenly appeared in my mind.That was another years ago in my boarding school I’d always been surprise from my close friend such as they give me a letter,memo and even my notebook they have wrote about anything they want to share.

I really miss that memories and don’t know if I will having that again. I’m glad I still keep the letters they gave even if it not an expensive things to keep but that was priceless. I read it while in sad and wonder,how fast the times past and make me doesn’t realized how can I create so much memory with them?

I hope we can still stay forever but it is impossible and that’s make me disappointed. And what I’ve learn is we should appreciate the people who came and the times we spent because one day we will regrets if just ignore. And even everyday we having a same routine but we always having a different memory and lesson too.

Learn how to appreciate a little things because it will be something important if we lose it.


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