How to stay happy ?

Hello ! it is been a long time I didn’t post because i’m just out of idea and seems nothing if I post it because all of my previous posts is about someone and when I feel like being hurt everytime when I am with him, I think I need to stop and focus on myself to be happy. So here what i’ve got from my thoughts and might be some of it that I copied just to remind myself when I’m sad.

1- Stay cool in everything and remain silent if you’re angry.

2- Don’t talk without thinking, hear about the explanation first and give the chance.

3- If sad, find something to do that will make you happy, do remember that is just temporary !

4- Don’t overthink negative about something you can’t control.

5- Try to forget the things that make you down and instead of it, chill up yourself.

6- If you feel alone and being neglected, don’t go look a happiness at the same place you’d lost, enjoy yourself with a good people or try a new things.

7- Cherish your life and inspired everyone.

8- Don’t try to make others sad and apologise people if you realize you have hurt them.

9- If you miss someone but you seems not able to talk to them, give a prayer.

10- Don’t waste your time stressing over people who had bring you down/sad. If you do, go to sleep !

11- Forget about the past, don’t bring it up in your presence, it will destroy you future.

12- If you love someone, fight for them and show the effort, if you think they are not appreciate, take a step

back and see what happen.

13- Ask other opinion about the things you can’t handle.

14- Don’t trust 100% of what people say about your friends/partner. You’ve through that and know your friends/partner better than them.

15- Don’t expect everything will be fine but just getting ready for a bad terms.

16- We can’t never be happy nor be sad, and remember that is the circle of life.

17- Happiness can be found if you choose to be happy !

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Let it go 

​I never been the best at letting go

and I’m sorry but I’ve to

I already knew everything

and It’s really broke my heart 

to know that you have someone else 

I expect that everything will be better

but unfortunately it getting worst day by day

and I just realised my love for you is just a game 

Since in the beginning I choose to stay 

and wait for you even it take a few years 

but it is the pain I get in return

You teach me how to love 

but at the end…

I’ve forced to let this love go. 


A text

Sometimes she look at him from a far,
And she know she had a feelings toward him,
But she never try to talk even reply his text.
Maybe she scared to love and be loved…

Some fine day,
She read back a text that he sent and asking a question,
“Haven’t sleep yet ?” 

That’s not a priority to know,
But she don’t know why she want to.

And the time past by…
She never think he will be the one of her favourite text in the morning.
She never think he will be the one she ever love the most.
And for the first time she felt so appreciate by man.

And she scared if she lose him because of a text from others…
Because they also start from a text.


p/s: I’m not post anything for nearly 2 months and now I have no idea what to write but this is just a warm up and I hope I’ll make my poetry better after this ♥