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My life is going to change.

-Tidy up new room-

Anyway I’m glad for tidy up my room and arrange everything because I love for staying in my room and doing anything without pressure. I’d make a spot to make a videos meanwhile I love for making video in every single day and I do not know if I should have my personal YouTube channel or not lol.

Honestly I like for being famous. I do had enrolled myself to be a freelance model and yeah I did but I don’t like to lol. For my opinion,just being a model and acting doesn’t give an inspiration for everyone because I prefer if somebody know me because of I’m a novellis or an artists rather than a acting.I hate acting because it fake in everything but in writing and drawing or even singing sometimes we describe what we feel.

Before that I said I hate for having my new life at a new house and city that I never thought for staying, but as I’ve realized maybe this changers will make my life more happier soon ? When I slowly accept my destiny and gratitude, I know that God will give me more abundance that I’ll never expect to have. Sometimes when we sad we must put a limit. Last but not least,for all of the religion don’t ever forget to pray and be thankful to your God. Without Him we are nothing in this life.

The key to be happy is choosing to be happy.