Night, cold and alone,
I read our conversations

I look at our pictures, videos and even your voices that you sent

I laughed when remembering a jokes we make together

But I start to cry when you’re not here beside me right now

and maybe forever…




                         Photo by falyssum

Sometimes during the day,
Stars still appeared on the sky.

Until it meet a night,
and show the bright.

Just like me still hoping to shine,
Even my life bring me into the dark.

It’s a lie

we think our love will always expand
we keep believing about our loyalty
we promise to it even just a friend

when we need to accept our destiny

slowly fade when we meet a new one
hard to know we cannot be together
End up
we be a stranger then.

It’s a lie when a lover will only can stay as friend after their significant meet a new one because feelings is something can’t be confirm so they end up by forgetting each other for awhile.


Why we broke up? 

It’s been so much time we had spent together…
You bought me whatever I want.
And we promise to stay forever even we know we just meant to be friend then.
We didn’t lie about feelings because we know we love each other since at our first sight

We act like a couple and bestfriend instead.
But when I get sad… You left and said I just need more rest even I only want you to calm me..
but you don’t.?!


When I ask you to make me happy and you just reply you don’t know how?!
Maybe I’ve been hurt so much until I can’t even feel it has broke me.

It’s hard for me to leave you but I’ve to.
I don’t want to burden you all the time because I just want an attention when I feel down rather than any stuff or gift you gave.
But you never care my feelings so I’d try slowly to stop loving you more than I should by distance myself from you.

And we end our relationship without a proper goodbye 💔