How to stay happy ?

Hello ! it is been a long time I didn’t post because i’m just out of idea and seems nothing if I post it because all of my previous posts is about someone and when I feel like being hurt everytime when I am with him, I think I need to stop and focus on myself to be happy. So here what i’ve got from my thoughts and might be some of it that I copied just to remind myself when I’m sad.

1- Stay cool in everything and remain silent if you’re angry.

2- Don’t talk without thinking, hear about the explanation first and give the chance.

3- If sad, find something to do that will make you happy, do remember that is just temporary !

4- Don’t overthink negative about something you can’t control.

5- Try to forget the things that make you down and instead of it, chill up yourself.

6- If you feel alone and being neglected, don’t go look a happiness at the same place you’d lost, enjoy yourself with a good people or try a new things.

7- Cherish your life and inspired everyone.

8- Don’t try to make others sad and apologise people if you realize you have hurt them.

9- If you miss someone but you seems not able to talk to them, give a prayer.

10- Don’t waste your time stressing over people who had bring you down/sad. If you do, go to sleep !

11- Forget about the past, don’t bring it up in your presence, it will destroy you future.

12- If you love someone, fight for them and show the effort, if you think they are not appreciate, take a step

back and see what happen.

13- Ask other opinion about the things you can’t handle.

14- Don’t trust 100% of what people say about your friends/partner. You’ve through that and know your friends/partner better than them.

15- Don’t expect everything will be fine but just getting ready for a bad terms.

16- We can’t never be happy nor be sad, and remember that is the circle of life.

17- Happiness can be found if you choose to be happy !

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Night, cold and alone,
I read our conversations

I look at our pictures, videos and even your voices that you sent

I laughed when remembering a jokes we make together

But I start to cry when you’re not here beside me right now

and maybe forever…


It’s a lie

we think our love will always expand
we keep believing about our loyalty
we promise to it even just a friend

when we need to accept our destiny

slowly fade when we meet a new one
hard to know we cannot be together
End up
we be a stranger then.

It’s a lie when a lover will only can stay as friend after their significant meet a new one because feelings is something can’t be confirm so they end up by forgetting each other for awhile.