Night, cold and alone,
I read our conversations

I look at our pictures, videos and even your voices that you sent

I laughed when remembering a jokes we make together

But I start to cry when you’re not here beside me right now

and maybe forever…



Unsure feelings

And the time past..
The day change..
While everything becomes different.

But I still wait and wait even if it never happen…
Still wondering why but don’t know why too.
Maybe I need to stop.
Until it will come by their own.

I hate this situation but I’ve to through.
My world feel empty..
Lose everything and everyone.
They lost without reasons and full of mystery.

I’ve a hope..
But not expectation.
And I hope everything will be back to normal.



All dark…
Stuck in the darkness night,
Without any stars appear on the sky,
And the moon has been hide behind the clouds.


Mind is still wandering what need to tell to someone…
While heart is still wondering should it be tell or just keep…


I could remember everything but not anything.
Like an empty memories I’d bear…
Seems there is no longer word exist now.