Night, cold and alone,
I read our conversations

I look at our pictures, videos and even your voices that you sent

I laughed when remembering a jokes we make together

But I start to cry when you’re not here beside me right now

and maybe forever…



Hidden of a sadness

They’re shook we are still together,
They expected we are happy forever,
Then they respected when we never cheat each other..

But they wrong !
They doesn’t know when our relationship barely broke,
They doesn’t know my painful heart when you crooked,
They never know because I never showed.

Staying hide the sadness doesn’t meant hypocrite,
But don’t want to make them worried.


Heart was broke

That was so many times we try to make our relationship stay

I admit that I can’t live without you

I can’t live without having your attention

But I still wait if you ever done to care about me…

To find me when I’m not with you when the time we use to spend

But you seems like never care at all…

You just letting it go like I’m nothing to you

So why should I keep waiting for something that will never exist ?

My heart really can’t bear what was happen to my life

But I still lie it and say…

‘Dear heart, everything will be okay someday and you’ll find the good one to take care of your feelings’

Then the heart give a signal to my mind that bring my eyes to tear

I’d crying enough and wonder…

Is it a sadness because of someone doesn’t care about me or happiness to let go someone who will regrets by losing me?


Give me a favor

Sometimes I feel so lost and decide to be alone.

And no one could understand my condition unless they have feel the same.

I’m weak but want to make the person I love strong even I’m actually can’t.

My soul full of anxious and my mind can’t control emotion.

I’m facing with the problem that I don’t know where the end is…

I feel like can’t breath…

Lost in deep of the ocean that call a life.

No ones there but still have a people who give me a help to take me out.

But nobody can…

In the same times also have a people throwing a tank of poison into the ocean.

I’m scared if I’ve no more times to stay alive.

My eyes turn into a tears while hope that will have the person who save me.

Save me from the darkest life…

But when and who ?