Run from my past

I still can’t get it out of my brain,
Whatever I am doing it will suddenly appear…
Maybe it will becomes my nightmare soon.
And yes… It will!!

I don’t know how to explain when everything heal one day.
Maybe I’ll leave…
I don’t want to answer any of them because I hate QUESTION !
They don’t understand me and even my situation.

But they said they want to help me.
They just want to care about me…
But the way they did were wrong.
It doesn’t help and I don’t want a sympathy.

I just need they to stop talk about my past!
I don’t want it ruin my future and also my life!
Because think about my past it will bring me to cry.
And yes!!! I’ll gonna start to cry…



Unsure feelings

And the time past..
The day change..
While everything becomes different.

But I still wait and wait even if it never happen…
Still wondering why but don’t know why too.
Maybe I need to stop.
Until it will come by their own.

I hate this situation but I’ve to through.
My world feel empty..
Lose everything and everyone.
They lost without reasons and full of mystery.

I’ve a hope..
But not expectation.
And I hope everything will be back to normal.


Memory that never fade

I went to the place that we have been together there.

And I look all around the place…

Yet, I still remember each part of memory there.

When we met after last minute planning.

When we had enjoy it with full of dramas.

When we start knowing each other well.

When we met a new friends from another school.

And we taking a picture together to still remember the memories forever.

Before leaving we wish that we are be able to meet again soon.

But the times still wont give a chance…

And I’m so grateful even we can’t meet again asap but we had done make a memories together.

Now, the memory of us still not fade and never can’t be fade !


A gift

There is a billion people but I’d choose you.

There was so many feelings but I choose the risk one.

A time met us to start a new chapter of life.

But I’m scared to read even the introduction.

You convince me to be strong to through it.

If there is no rain there is no rainbow.

And that was same in our life.

Start from the middle chapter I’m glad for knowing you.

You’re just like the bright in the dark.

Yet you’re different than other guy out there.

And you’ve the key to open my heart after so long had been close.

I love you more than I can do.

And if by losing me can make you happy I will.


Heart was broke

That was so many times we try to make our relationship stay

I admit that I can’t live without you

I can’t live without having your attention

But I still wait if you ever done to care about me…

To find me when I’m not with you when the time we use to spend

But you seems like never care at all…

You just letting it go like I’m nothing to you

So why should I keep waiting for something that will never exist ?

My heart really can’t bear what was happen to my life

But I still lie it and say…

‘Dear heart, everything will be okay someday and you’ll find the good one to take care of your feelings’

Then the heart give a signal to my mind that bring my eyes to tear

I’d crying enough and wonder…

Is it a sadness because of someone doesn’t care about me or happiness to let go someone who will regrets by losing me?


I love but I want to leave

Since 8 months our relationship,
There was so many things happen to us.

But we never take it serious by leaving each other.

We know how to deal with something that make our relationship going to down…

And we pretend to stay.

That was so lucky for having a guy like you…

I love you more than any words to say.

Until one day I’m realized that you’re not even mine…

I’m sad….. But never to crying.

Face didn’t show my real feelings but the heart have tell everything.

Just won’t let everybody hear me weeping but I’m still hearing my heart have broken to the pieces that can’t be fix again.

The scars without having a cure.

Lately then, I’m decide to leave you

It’s hard but I’ve to…

And now, let the times show the truth about us.