“Might be someone we love now will be somebody we hate the most in the future.” – falyssum__


Human living

We know there never perfect.
But we still want a perfection.

Through every daily life and wish to be happy.

But in every happiness always end by a sadness.

Nothing to be regrets nor hates.
But just appreciates that.

Unsure feelings.

And the time past..
The day change..
While everything becomes different.

But I still wait and wait even if it never happen…
Still wondering why but don’t know why too.
Maybe I need to stop.
Until it will come by their own.

I hate this situation but I’ve to through.
My world feel empty..
Lose everything and everyone.
They lost without reasons and full of mystery.

I’ve a hope..
But not expectation.
And I hope everything will be back to normal.


We are not alone

“What I’ve learned in life is when I’m in sad and there is no one would hear my problems, but I realize.. God is forever will”

And now we seems like never meet before

I know you’re happy now with someone’s new. 

She did her best to win in your heart since at your first confession. 

You didn’t took a long time to know her…

Because you believe she was the best girl in the rest of your life. 

And now you are already just to move one step to be forever. 

I am happy you meet the right person after me. 

Even I’m sad I can’t be with someone I love…

But there is something broke me more inside than you leave… 

It was when you seems like doesn’t realized my existence in your life. 

You can forget all of memory about us and even me but please don’t trash me like I never did the same she was..  

Yes ! She more beautiful, polite and caring than me… 

But are you forget that am I who support you whenever you are ? 

I never care about expectation people on me when I was with you ! 

But now, I’m nothing to you even friend ?.! 

Memory that never fade

I went to the place that we have been together there.

And I look all around the place…

Yet, I still remember each part of memory there.

When we met after last minute planning.

When we had enjoy it with full of dramas.

When we start knowing each other well.

When we met a new friends from another school.

And we taking a picture together to still remember the memories forever.

Before leaving we wish that we are be able to meet again soon.

But the times still wont give a chance…

And I’m so grateful even we can’t meet again asap but we had done make a memories together.

Now, the memory of us still not fade and never can’t be fade !