It’s a lie.

we think our love will always expand
we keep believing about our loyalty
we promise to it even just a friend

when we need to accept our destiny

slowly fade when we meet a new one
hard to know we cannot be together
End up
we be a stranger then.

It’s a lie when a lover will only can stay as friend after their significant meet a new one because feelings is something can’t be confirm so they end up by forgetting each other for awhile.


Hidden of a sadness. 

They’re shook we are still together,
They expected we are happy forever,
Then they respected when we never cheat each other..

But they wrong !
They doesn’t know when our relationship barely broke,
They doesn’t know my painful heart when you crooked,
They never know because I never showed.

Staying hide the sadness doesn’t meant hypocrite,
But don’t want to make them worried.